According to security experts, commercial establishments with security monitoring are over 10 times less likely to be burglarized. The vast majority of law enforcement officials believe that security monitoring is an effective deterrent.

65% of non-residential burglaries occur during the nighttime.HHS Security Services offers your company a broad range of products that will easily meet your growing needs. We’ll help you choose an alarm system that’s right for you. Here are a few of the things HHS Security Services can help you do to safeguard your business when you’re not there:

Our custom solutions include:

  • All types of burglar alarms
  • Sensors for entry & roll up doors, motion sensors, glassbreak sensors, and panics
  • Smart phone/Web enabled systems that allow to know when the system is armed/disarmed & allow you to set reminders to be sure your business is secure.
  • Both WIFI and DVR Based Camera Systems

Closed Circuit Tv screen

If you’re looking for an alarm company that treats you as a person seeking security for your business–not just customer #1567
–we’re the company for you.